Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Find a Detective

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Scoring great finds metal detecting is a reason that attracts people to this hobby. Many people will pick up a detector and search to see what they find. Some may get lucky and find a few things, however, many will notice that it takes more effort, more skill and more knowledge to find valuable items. To score great finds you need to learn where to look for these types of items.
Riverbanks, bridges and train stops are full of history. During colonial days, waterways were the only way to get around. People used rivers to bathe, drink from and wash clothes. Detectorists have great success here. Fishing holes and marinas are also good places to see if you can pick up a signal on some artifacts. There may even be a few items near swimming holes since people stripped down to jump in when the weather got hot. Bridges and train stops used to be well-travelled also. You may find old tokens or personal items that may have been left behind while people waited around or transported luggage.

Fields and farms are good locations to conduct metal detecting hunts. These areas have probably been untouched for years, sometimes hundreds of years. Some farms used to be encampments for wars which may prove to be fruitful for detectorists. Make sure you are allowed or you have permission to detect in these areas. You don't want to break any laws while you're enjoying your hobby.

Some people enjoy searching for historical objects. If this strikes your fancy, you need to do lots of research. You'll want to research historical sites or locations that have some history behind it. Researching sites gives you a better idea of what you are looking for and if there might be any items of value hidden underneath the earth. The woods are a great place to go hunting for relics. Be sure to look for stone walls and old foundations. You may also want to look around for deep impressions on the ground. These areas could have been cellar holes or bottle dumps. Paths and old wagon roads are good places to hunt also. Colonists travelled these trails for years and you might be able to dig up a terrific finds.

With these great places to hunt, you will also want to pay attention to when detectorists are out combing areas. Warmer months tend to be busier during the colder months. If you want to get to some great finds before your competition, it's probably best to hunt during the colder months when some hobbyists won't even bother to brave the weather. This could be ideal for you since the wind tends to move sand on the beaches or dirt on the ground which may help you uncover hidden treasure that normally wouldn't be found until the warmer months.
Skill can only take you so far when hunting for items of value. Doing some research, searching in specific areas and hunting during winter are key factors that will place you above the rest when metal detecting for great finds. This takes effort, persistence and lots of knowledge. If you can be patient and work hard, you will have a fantastic time finding metal detecting treasures.
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